At Home Laser Hair Removal
Hair Removal Alternatives?

What else can you use apart from laser to remove your hair? Say you want some back hair removal and don’t want to use lasers. What should you do? Maybe one of the following could be good for you.

  • Waxing - Painful but effective; it takes quite a while for the hair to grow back.
  • Electrolysis - VERY painful, but the only 100% permanent solution to removing hair.
  • Shaving - Cheap and quite painless but it just doesn’t last for long
  • Hair Removal Cream - Get a nice smooth finish to your skin & doesn’t hurt at all, but hair will quickly grow back.
First Post on At Home Laser Hair Removal!

Home Based Laser Hair Reduction

One can find lots of perks to receiving at home laser hair reduction. For men and females alike,  undesirable body hair can be a total hassle; we all feel much more confidant without it. However there are a number of negative effects that could come with having your hair removed by a pro. It can be embarrassing, expensive and very painful. With an at home laser hair removal product you can remove your hair in the privacy of your own home as many occasions as you desire for a set charge. Moreover because the laser is not as strong as a home product, it will not be as painful.

At Home Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Compared to shaving manually, at home laser hair removal, and laser hair removal in general has a ton of pluses. Just think about all those instances you’ve needed to shave just before going out; wouldn’t it be great if you no longer had to think about that? Or maybe even you’re just tired of hair growing where it shouldn’t and want it to cease growing in that place permanently. Shaving with regular procedures can cause numerous troubles like rashes, acne and dry skin. Also there are struggles like missing parts with too much hair and not realizing until it’s too late.  So wouldn’t it be awesome if those troubles could be a thing of the past?

Put simply at home laser hair removal mean you don’t have to shave ever again. In theory this should save lots and lots of time. You should think of it as an investment. You can treat yourself when it’s good for you, in the areas you want and for the amount of time you wish.

At home laser hair removal will actually prevent your hair follicles producing hair, this means it’s a permanent solution to preventing your hair growing. It focuses on your hair follicles without damaging the encompassing skin by focusing on the melanin – dark colour of hair. To do this it fires heat at the hair. You will need to give yourself more than one treatments however.

Laser Hair Removal Costs

Having hair taken out by pros can be pricey, you commonly have to have more than one treatment doing, and that’s just in one area. Prices can fluctuate lots, for a small area it could be $40 (£25) or for a massive section up to $240 (£170) and bear in mind if you require 4 treatments you have to times those numbers by 4. Shopping for an at home laser hair removal device saves money in the future so decreases the amount of the removal expense. Laser hair removal at home can be as low-priced as $430 (£300) (and that’s for a impressive system!) so if you want more than one consultation (which you will) on several parts of the body it’s obviously the best choice.

At Home Laser Hair Removal is a great investment all in all - you won’t be disappointed

The Following is the list of a selection of treatment expenses:

Upper Lip –  $51 / £34

Chin – $66 / £44

Eyebrows – $52 / £32

Face – $167 / £103

Arms – $272 / £275

Armpits – $70 / £43

Legs – $273 / £275

Hands or Feet – $68 / £42

Chest – $166 / £107

Back - $274 / £270

Buttocks – $165 / £105

Bikini Line  - $166 / £110